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tanning bed parts for over 2500 models

Tanning Bed Replacement Acrylics

for all models made since 1978, starting at $199

Tanning bed acrylics are the plastic shields which protect the user and tanning lamps from each other.  These clear shields are a special polymer that allows 100% of the UV light to pass through but strong photo of indoor tanning bed acrylicenough to support up to 300 pounds or more.  There are also "frosted" acrylics which give the tanning bed or booth a more polished look but reduces the lamp output by 10% to 20%.  The equipment manufacturers offset this loss by using more powerful tanning bulbs with wattages up to 220w. 

Plastic acrylic support strips are utilized to support these large, gently curved shields which do not block the UV light.  This website provides replacement acrylics for all Tropical Rayz models, but also the Perfect Tan and Sunal brands as well as links to order over 2500 other tanning bed acrylic replacements

Prices are generally $199 for 6' frames, $239 for 7' frames and up to $900 for the level 4 and 5 high pressure beds, depending on the model.  Shipping cost is generally $99 for up to 3 tanning bed acrylics in the same box so you save money when ordering both canopy and the bench at the same time.  If you would like to learn more about acrylic basics, click here

To learn how to properly measure and order tanning bed replacements, click here.   Read our shipping and returns policy here.   Call 800-667-9189 or email us here with questions.  We carry tanning bed acrylics for every model made since 1978!  Give us a try.

6' Bench, Canopy or Both?

Call 800-667-9189 to order

Please review our shipping and returns policy here

To order replacement acrylics for most 6 foot tanning beds, please click on down arrow for pricing.

 Seven foot models (BF) click on the right to buy the canopy, bench or both for only $239 each plus $99 shipping for up to 3 acrylics in one box (please call).  
7' Bench, Canopy or Both?

Call 800-667-9189 to order

 call 800-667-9189 for phone orders
Order wide benches, canopy or both?
To order replacement acrylics for our most level 3 and 4 models including the wide body models in the Perfect Tan and Tropical Rayz style,

click on the down arrow to the left for all BENCH acrylics and on the right for all CANOPY replacements with special masking (learn basics here)
Order Acrylics for Facial Beds: