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What are Buck Boost Transformers?

What are buck boost transformers? Buckboosters help regulate a tanning bed's voltage as close to 230 volts as possible. Most indoor tanning equipment today must have 230 volts applied for optimum tanning lamptanning bed buck boost transformers output.  To help regulate your salon's "actual" 220 voltage, which can range from 208 volts to 248 volts, you can install a device nicknamed a "buck-booster" , which may buck your voltage DOWN from 248 volts, or boost your voltage UP from 208 volts, etc. 

These step-up or step-down voltage converters are critical to the proper operation of your tanning salon equipment and many manufacturers, ETS Tans and Sun Ergoline for example, void your warranty if these are not installed prior to operating a tanning bed. 

We offer for sale, new buck-boosters from $150-$350, and used buck boosters from $90 to $190, freight included.  These transformers can be wired for +/- 16 or 32 volts and sizes range from .5 KVA to 3.0 KVA.  Scroll below to buy NEW buck boost transformers.

Scroll below to view all buck boosters for sale. Call 800-667-9189 to order.

we sell new and used tanning bed buck boosters.5 KVA
+/- 16/32v
New Buck-boost Transformer .5 KVA
+/- 16 or 32 volts
110 or 220 volts
up to 33 amp load
$150 plus shipping
we sell new and used tanning bed buck boosters.75 KVA
 1.0 KVA
+/- 16/32v
New Buck Boost Transformer .75 KVA
 1.0 KVA
+/- 16 or 32 volts
220 volts
up to 47 amp load
$200 plus shipping
we sell new and used tanning bed buck boosters1.5 KVA
New Buckbooster Transformer 1.5 KVA $240 2.0KVA $280
3.0 KVA  $300
+/- 16 or 32 volts
220 volts
up to 100 amp load