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High Pressure Tanning Beds

Most tanning salons and automated spas today will offer 3-5 levels of tanning, including the high pressure class.  this is a picture of the Royal Sun high pressure tanning bedSalons and spas must offer level 1 beds which are typically 20 minute sessions.  Level 2 are typically 15 minute tanning beds with 100 watt bulbs.  And level three beds are usually 12 minutes long, with some combination of 160 and 100 watt bulbs inside the unit. 

There may be a level 4 and level 5 bed which contain only "high pressure" tanning bulbs which range from 400 watts to 2000 watts each.  Most high pressure tanning beds have 10,000 to 20,000 watts of power, compared to 2800 watts for level one machines.

The term "high pressure" indicates the bulb was manufactured under pressure and will explode when broken, so be careful with these.  A level 1,2,3 or 4 bed may contain high pressure facials, which look like a 12 inch square of "blue filter glass" which helps diffuse this powerful light.

When a tanning bed contains ONLY these high pressure bulbs is it considered a true high pressure tanning bed.   This amazing looking high pressure tanning device pictured above is called the Royal Sun UV Scan 360 and is priced at $19,999 delivered and installed!  Download our Royal Sun catalog here:  click here to download catalog

At American Quality Manufacturing , we produce the amazing and "wow" factor tanning machine pictured here.  The UV Scan 360 high pressure tanning bed is the newest addition to the Royal Sun line, the revolutionary UVScan 360 and UVScan 180 feature state-of-the-arttanning bed prototype technology in an attractive and ergonomic design.  A wonder of engineering, the UV Scan line stands at the forefront of a new generation of high-performance, cost-effective tanning beds.

Features include:  72 HP lamps with 37,000 watt-equivalent output using only 22,000 watts of power on the 360 model and 44 HP Heraeus self-contained high pressure lamps on the 180 version.  This unit has adaptive temperature management with multiple speed, high-pressure body cooling system.  This open-air tanning equipment feature an active monitoring system with upper and lower body scanners to ensure uniform coverage and optimal comfort throughout the tanning session. 

The UV Scan 360 boasts an exceptional low maintenance design with an all ball bearing movement system, intelligent architecture and no complex wiring.  Also, the lamps are replaced with no tools required and the unit is all steel-construction and powder coated inside and with a life-time warranty.   Download our Royal Sun catalog here:  click here to download catalog

You can add a brand new high pressure bed to any of our new salon packages for only $19,999.  Click here to view our turn-key automated spa equipment packages that may include the salon walls, beds, timers, and spray and booth!