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Refurbished Sunless Tanning Booths for Sale

We professionally refurbished sunless tanning booths for sale including the Magic Tan Versa Spa and Mystic Tan HD models listed below.  We have been in the UV free spray tanning service and repair business for 10+ years and have worked on all models including the Original Blue Box, MT3500 series, Innovation and MyMyst.  We can honestly say these two units are the lowest maintenance and best performing spray tan booths we have encountered...thank goodness!  These UV free tanning booths have helped tanning salons and day spas rebound from the poor economy and offer 100% of the population a safe and reliable skin care product that will give you a little color like a day at the beach.  

We would not recommend opening a tanning salon or automated spa without at least one spray tan booth in your salon as salon owners are now reporting they can generate as much as revenue as 3 tanning beds.  If you can afford the new models, priced at $29k, please buy one as these are American made products.   If not, we are the next best place to buy a factory reconditioned, walk-in automatic sunless tanning booth like the Versa,  and we ship to anywhere in the world.  Please call 800-667-9189 for a delivery quote today.  All equipment has a 90 day warranty.

2012 magic tan versaspa for sale

Refurbished Price:  $12,999 installed with warranty

Call :  800-667-9189

Price Includes: free delivery and installation to most of USA, free starter kit, 90 day warranty from AQM

Options include: voice prompt, heaters, dryers, latest software

Refurbished Magic Tan Versa Spa

We professionally refurbish the Magic Tan Versa Spa, photo of free starter kit with every purchasewhich we buy, sell and install anywhere in the USA.  We now buy these used spray tan booths and bring them back to our tanning bed factory to be serviced and professionally refurbished by our experienced craftsmen. (view our work here)

This automated spa equipment is very unique in that it is a multi-treatment system which also applies UV tanning accelerator, sunless prep, and anti-aging moisturizers

You can read more about the new Magic Tan Versa Spa by visiting their official website and learn more by watching the YouTube video here and see for yourself exactly how the spray tanning process works and how Versa Spa has set a new standard for the sunless tanning experience. 

You can buy this professionally refurbished Versa Spa today for only $12,999.  This price includes free delivery and installation to most of the USA including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, and most states in between. 

Please Call : 800-667-9189 today for more information.  Read more about this used VersaSpa for sale, including pre-install directions, owner's manual and room layout at

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2010 mystic tan hd sunless tanning booth for sale

Refurbished Price:  $14,999

Call:  800-667-9189

Price Includes:  Delivery and Installation, starter kit

Options include: voice prompt, heaters, dryers, latest software

Refurbished Mystic Tan HD for Sale

Shown here is a used Mystic Tan HD for sale for only $14,999.  This price includes delivery and installation to Florida, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and most cities. 

This UV free spray tanning booth utilizes a "cartridge" delivery system which is unique to the industry.  When a customer comes to the counter and purchases a spray tan, you hand them a small aerosol type can they take with them to the room and place in the "holder" located inside the machine. This is very cool, watch the video here:  YouTube Video of How Mystic Tan HD cartridge delivery system works! 
Mystic Tan HD room layout and dimensions
We are a tanning bed factory who offers these factory refurbished spray tan booths for sale in our automated spa equipment packages to help new salon owners find an economical solution for UV free automatic tanning. 

The price of $14,999 listed includes delivery and installation to Florida, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and most states in between.  We also ship to California, Arizona, Nevada and Washington state.

We also offer a free starter kit which consists of 45 spray cartridges,  posters, shower caps, booties, nose filter plugs, barrier cream, compressor and training.  Call 800-667-9189 to order today email us here.