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Welcome to Tropical Rayz Tanning Beds

our Tropical Rayz tanning beds are made in the USANow you can buy commercial tanning beds with style and steel!  Introducing the Tropical Rayz Indoor Tanning Systems: a combination of solid steel, tropical designs, and a great value in indoor tanning equipment.  Please select from one of the following links to view pricing, details, and specifications of each of our models: commercial tanning beds or home tanning beds.  View our complete lineup here >>>

Our home and commercial tanning beds are SOLID STEEL
...not just the frame, but the ENTIRE bed! Other solid steel components of our indoor tanning equipment include the "skin", acrylic supports, and the most important: the front rail support (the place where everyone sits before swinging into the bed to lie down).

We believe in our SOLID STEEL construction and the durability of design. Our tanning salon equipment will last at least 15 years in a moderately used salon environment, our competitor's plastic covered tanning beds last only 3 or 4 years in a tanning salon environment and in some cases, they do not make replacement parts for tanning beds older than 4 years old.   We have parts for every bed we have ever manufactured.  This includes parts for the grandfather of the Tropical Rays model:  Sunal Tanning Beds, which are still in operation today at a salon near you. 

We manufacture the only all-steel (not just the frame) and welded together home tanning bed on the Internet today. Our residential tanning beds are built with the same components as our commercial tanning beds. Which means you get commercial quality for residential prices. We utilize one ballast per lamp, unlike many home units which drive two lamps with one ballast to reduce costs. Please compare our life time guarantee tanning bed versus the competition and you will see why spending a few extra dollars is worth it!  Click here to learn more about our home tanning beds.

We are American Quality Manufacturing and we build tanning beds in the US from the ground up in our Sheet Metal Job Shop and Prototype building facility in Central Florida.  We own the rights to the  20 year old Sunal design, the Tropical Rayz Tanning Beds, the South Beach Stand Up Tanning Booth, and the Royal Sun luxury tanning bed line featuring the UV Scan 360 high pressure bed pictured here. 

We sell tanning high pressure tanning bedsalon supplies for used tanning beds as well as home tanning beds. We can help you maintain your investment with our tanning bed acrylics or commercial tanning bed replacement lamps.  We also stock the new red light therapy lamps for converting old tanning beds and stand up tanning booths to collagen stimulating, anti-aging, rejuvenating red light beds for home use only.

We now ship anywhere in the world including Canada and Mexico,  please call for shipping quotes outside USA.  All prices on this website include free packaging and free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 of the United States.  Check out our free bonus offers when you buy our replacement lamp kits, review our most frequently asked questions, or review how to start a tanning salon or health spa here.