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Tanning Bed Parts and Supplies

We offer tanning bed buck boost transformerstanning bed parts and supplies for all models we manufacture which include the brand names:  Sunal, Tropical Rayz, South Beach, Perfect Tan, Royal Sun, UVScan, and Focus.  We also provide tanning bed acrylics, lamps, bulbs, shocks, timers and more for all models including Sunquest Pro series and SCA Wolff, to just name a few. 

We provide a major tanning bed part website on the Internet located here: which carries over 10,000 items for indoor tanning equipment up to 25 years old!  We also offer a repair and service referral website located here: and list an extensive collection of discount replacement lamps located here: and and

Tanning salon owners are often required to change the "shocks" of a tanning bed. Gas spring shocks, lifts or struts are all designed to do the same thing: lift the canopy open with relative ease, keep it open for easy access in and out of the bed and allow it to stay slightly open as the tanning customer may require during the session. 

The most common question asked is: "when is it time to replace your shocks"; and the answer is...when the canopy does not stay up by itself.  Spring tension may be affected by many factors, including the temperature in the room.  Remember to keep the rod end down as this position keeps the oil against the seal and provides maximum dampening at the end of the stroke.  Do not lubricate gas spring shocks as shown above.

Buy shocks for ESB, SCA, Wolff, Tropical Rayz, Perfect Tan and more tanning beds here for only $69.95 each plus $6 shipping and handling. If your canopy creeps down or will slam down onbuy tanning bed shocks here your customer's head, then it is time to replace the support "shocks" which keeps the canopy open and still at any level.  You can NOT buy these replacements at an auto part's store because they are not designed with the same constant pressure up and down. 

Please call (321) 432-3000 with questions or simply type your model number in the text field below and we will cross-reference your shock.  Press "Add to Cart" to order now.  We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and you do NOT need a PayPal account to place an order.

We offer one of the largest selections of  tanning bed shocks and lifts in the industry.  Please list your bed and model number in the "text field" above and we will send the appropriate shocphoto of a tanning bed shockk for your bed.  We sell parts for ACN Solart, Alisun, Alpha Sun, Atlantis, Soltron, Dr. Kerns, Dr. Muller, Electric Sun, ESB, Forever Tan, Garda Sun, HEX, Hollywood Tan, ITS, JK Ergoline, JK Soltron, Kettler, Klafsun, Klaus, Leisure Bay, Sunliner, Mega Max, Mega Sun, Montego Bay, Ovation, Pro Sun, Puretan, Royal Sun, SCA, Shaw, Silver Solarium, Solaire, Solana, Solaris, Sonnenbraune, Sontegra, Sportaredo, Star Power, Sun Dash, Sun Dazzler, Sun Industries, Sun Quest, Sun Star, Sun Vision, Sunal, Tan America, Tanses, Wolff, Ultra Bronze, UWE, Velocity, Vita Sun just to name a few.  For more detailed information and for a large selection of shocks and lifts please visit our shock and strut specific webpage located here: