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Tanning Bed Lamps and Replacement Bulbs For all Models

On this page you can buy 24 commercial grade tanning bed replacement bulbs for only $285 with free shipping, insurance, 1 year warranty and a free gift.  Call 800-760-6017 to order now or scroll below to order online.  Because we are a original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of indoor tanning equipment we can sell replacement lamps at lower prices than anyone on the Internet!  Found below are commercial lamps for home use made by the only lamp manufacturer in the USA which we install in our commercial tanning beds and make available for home bed owners. Home tanning bed owners in search of replacement lamps for Tropical Rayz, Sunal, Perfect Tan, Sunquest, SCA Wolff, ESB, or Sunmaster have it the jackpot. Your may now choose from FOUR levels of replacement bulbs as illustrated below.  Your choices range from "bronzing" on the left to tanning bed replacement bulbs and lamps"scorching-your-behind-if-you-are-not-careful" on the far right.   If you have a fair to normal skin tone, please consider the 6.5% UVB, 20 minute max session time, bronzing bulbs found below left.  These commercial quality replacement bulbs are 10 times more powerful than the cheap bulbs manufacturers install at the factory and you can go as often as you want in your own home. Home owners have no restrictions on time and intensity of new replacements.  Unlike salon owners, who must move customers through the door in a timely fashion and keep the levels of intensity consistent with the manufacturers label on the bed.  Salon owners are legally obliged to keep the state health inspectors content in Texas, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, Illinois and other regulated states by using compatible replacement lamps.  The indoor tanning lamps you see below are made in the USA and compatible with all Wolff Belarium S and Velocity models as well as: Puretan S+, Light Sources Beach Sun, Midday Sun, Genesis 105, Diamond Sun S, Sunbronze 6.5, Brilliance 5.0, Mega Voltage Gold, Dominion, and Rio Bronze.  If your bed has  facial lamp, you may have two different sizes (FR71, FR59), so click here to buy facial lamp kits with some short and some long bulbs.  Prices shown here include a free gift, insured shipping via UPS, and state taxes when applicable. Please read our shipping and returns policy here and if you do not know your replacement lamp size or type, click here.  This website features "all-inclusive pricing" so the number you see is the final price delivered to your door in Florida, Missouri, California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois or any of the lower 48 states:


6.5% UVB

17-20 minutes


7.5% UVB

15-17 minutes


8.5% UVB

13-15 minutes


9.5% UVB

10 minutes max

check your lamp compatibility here home lamps are here check your replacement style here buy the hottest replacements possible here, the Panthers

This is the most common lamp ordered on this website, called "bronzing lamps", because they have a 6.5% UVB blend which is a huge upgrade replacement bulb for most 20 to 30 minute residential models. If you own a home tanning bed like the SunQuest Pro or commercial bed like the SunStar series, this is your most popular item. With this 20 minute commercial grade, level 1-2, tanning bulb you can expect a deep, dark bronzing action with a little  initial reddening.  Compatible with all Wolff brands. 24 bronzing lamps are only $285.  All prices below include free shipping, insurance, and free gift and a one year warranty:

Found here is a slight upgrade for those who like it hot and want to see more "color".  This is our 17 minute max exposure lamp, the X7500 model, which has a 7.5% UVB blend and is a big upgrade replacement bulb for most 20 minute tanning beds.  Yes, you can put a 17 minute bulb in a 20 or 30 minute tanning bed as the bulb determines the max session times, not the timer on the bed.  With this 17 minute lamp you can expect a deep, dark bronzing action with a bit more initial reddening.   Compatible with Beach Sun 6.5, Equator Sun 7.5,  and Wolff Velocity and Belarium S.  Prices are all-inclusive:

Now, when you need something a bitter more hotter yet, then consider our 8.5% TURBO lamps.  This 15 minute max exposure lamp, the X8500 model, has a 8.5% UVB blend and is a significant upgrade for most 15 or 20 minute tanning beds.  With this 15 minute bulb you can expect a deep, dark bronzing action with a lot of initial reddening and very intense heat during the tanning sessionCompatible with Hi-tan, Equator Sun, Brilliance 8.5, Instantan XL 7.9, Light Sources 8.5, and Sunbronze 8.5, Wolff Velocity, Belarium S series and many more.  All prices below include free shipping, insurance, free gift and a one year warranty:

Finally, for those who like it as hot as you can get.  Listed below is our best selling 10 minute max exposure tanning lamp, the Panther, which has a 9.5% UVB blend and is the HOTTEST upgrade replacement bulb for ANY home tanning bed ever made.  Yes, you can put a 10 minute bulb in a 30 minute tanning bed because it is the bulb UVB % which determines the max session times, not the timer on the bed.  These Panther bulbs are compatible to many major brands, click here to see them all.  Warning: these lamps will burn you in 5 minutes if you do not have a base tan! 24 Lamps are only $359.  All prices below include free shipping:

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These are 100 watt replacement lamps only, for 160 watt and 100 watt combo kits, click here to view our discount tanning lamps for commercial beds.  If your bed has a facial lamp, click here for facial lamp kits or create your own kit with one or more 400 watt Philips style high pressure facial bulbs with ceramics leads exactly as pictured to the right here.

If you do NOT know the type of replacement bulb you should order, click here to learn more about how to buy tanning bed bulbs.  If you are looking for UV light alternatives, click here to learn more about new red light therapy lamps. 

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